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A gamified solution for language therapy

What's Blapp

Blapp is a gamified home rehabilitation platform. All its contents are validated by a team of specialists according to scientific evidence. Help patients anywhere while reducing therapists' workload and the burden on families!

Serious gaming

Blapp helps users improve their language skills in a fun, thrilling and ecological environment.

Scientifically sound

Contents and methodologies are tested and validated by a scientific team of experts and technicians.

Meet Blapp's friends

Medical team

Alessandra Zoccalli, MD., Language therapist
Alessandra Zoccalli
Language therapist
Maria Garau, MD., Neuropsychologist
Maria Garau
Anna López, PhD MD Neuropsychologist
Anna López
PhD. MD.
Roser Colomé, PhD MD Neuropsychologist
Roser Colomé
PhD. MD.


Fundació de Recerca Sant Joan de Déu
Òmada Interactiva
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Integrative vision

All functions

Blapp's activities tackle all language functions. From preverbal activities dealing with working memory, rythms and patterns to discourse activities dealing with inferences, cross-reference and irony.